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      Welcome to the new

      Guelph’s Arts Hub!

      What’s On in Guelph Arts

      Find out what’s happening in Guelph’s arts community this month!

      Artist in Residence Program

      Working with Indigenous Elders, artists and community members, GAC and 10C have created a program framework and philosophy to guide the next stages of this project.

      Become a Member!

      Are you an individual artist? Are you involved in music, theatre, dance, literary arts, visual arts or any other art form? Our Artist Membership is for you. 

      News & Announcements – Discover Guelph’s arts community.

      • Arts’ immeasurable value
        Lately we’ve seen the effects of the pandemic on the performing arts. Audiences have disappeared. Live performances have been replaced by on-line performance attempts. Artists …

        Arts’ immeasurable value Read More

      • Collaboration and Creation through X-Practice Project: An Interview with Colleen Alcorn
        This summer, 12 artists collaborated both virtually and in-person as part of X-Practice Project, hosted by interdisciplinary artists Alex Ricci, Monika Hauk, and Todd Harrison. This project resulted in the creation of multiple collaborative works, one of which is being permanently installed in the stairwell of 10C in September.
      • 20 YEARS TODAY
        20 YEARS TODAY is a Solo Exhibition by Colombian-nadian artist Adriana Rosselli Londo?o at 10C Shared Space. GAC Staff member Paige Bromby recently got the chance to interview Adriana about her exhibition.

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